complexity need not be complex

About FinaXiom

FinaXiom is a group of people who share a vision to protect the viablility of a global economy. It is more than creating a new asset class product. Each share in a belief that productisation has reached its limits and collectively we need to better understand what makes the economy tick: the people, their organisational structures and the networks they create.
The financial models that we so thoroughly relied upon prior to 2008 were trying to hold aloft the economy but at heart were not empirically ground and faith in their value began to unwind. In late October 2007 FinaXiom was restarted to take up where its predecessor product, Contingent Capital, had stalled because people thought the capital markets unlimitedly deep and liquid; they had stopped optimising and were reaching beyond maximising performance.

A Thought: One should not criticise a model without knowing its boundaries or having a better one.

To evolve economically Mankind must understand not only the products it sells but also the dynamics of its networks - it must learn advanced governance. That is to say; how have we created a dynamic, multi-layered economic framework and how can we optimise its performance to avoid extremely damaging social disasters?

General System Theory calls this type of structure - recursive - each level composed of elements of the underlying but its purpose and properties quite different from the rest. It is not a hierarchical structure - that would be too simple a cross dependency - it is a social eco-system comprised of complex emergent organisations that has become Complexity Economics.

To understand this new view of the economy FinaXiom has brought together expertise from diverse domains - commercial and academic - to build a pricing mechanism that takes into account this recursive causal-framework. The product that emerges is a simple on-demand promise to deliver liquidity in exchange for vested capital, however the pricing needs to be dynamic and time becomes variable.

The economy can never achieve equilibrium but by continually balancing the forces at work we may optimise its performance through good governance and practical principles.

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