complexity need not be complex

FinaXiom LLP

What we do

To evolve economically we need a dynamic supply of replacement core capital for exceptionally bad times. FinaXiom has designed Standby Capital, an on-demand replacement capital product with its own economic pricing framework for both Non-Islamic and Islamic businesses. 

Shared Objectives

Regulators, investors and business may not share immediate goals but do have a common need for a continuing sound economy. FinaXiom's objective is to provide a partnership framework where this shared objective can profitably flourish for all parties. Partnership does not mean sacrificing independence or views but is dynamic.

High Standards

High standards does not mean moral superiority but good professional ethics and diverse experience. FinaXiom has brought together a team of business professionals and academic resources to better understand the risks and manage investor expectations.

Diverse Thinking

FinaXiom is a partnership of complementary minds forged in a variety of businesses. A common factor is to challenge accepted models and create more able ones. Whether insurance,  financial institutions, project finance or property risks the starting point is equity pricing and aligning the interests of all parties.